Hello friends! My name is Nicholas. I have a degree in emergency medicine, and work as a Paramedic. I've done photography in different capacities since I was about 13 years old, with my father in his wedding photography business. 20 years later, my son has gained an interest in photography, and we decided to create this business together. 

I have four children, aged from 4 to 11. My 11 year old is Lucas, and there's a good chance you will meet him on any photography projects we do together. Lucas and I do photography for our church most Sundays. We really enjoy the opportunity to serve the church and the congregation in this way. 

One of my favorite parts of photography is the people. I love capturing the personality of a person and the intricate personalities and relationships of a family. When I begin a project, I will often ask a lot of questions in an attempt to get to know you. I also love when my clients research some poses and bring props for photos, because this helps me understand their unique persona, and makes it much more fun to capture it in an image. I enjoy using a lot of natural lighting, and prefer doing outdoor shoots at parks, waterfalls, and landmarks. These add character to photos, beyond what a typical studio picture does. A photograph is not just a persons face. It should capture their personality, the location, and should create an overall story that the person can look back on later and think about the good memories created in that image. That is my goal: to create an image that tells a story and attaches itself to a memory of a moment that the family can enjoy for years to come.

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