How many pictures do I get?

      With every purchased package, that number fluctuates. A common practice in photography is to sell a photo "set". This typically includes an exact number of photos, commonly printed. This practice is not how I operate, however. When you purchase photography from me, you purchase my time. When we complete our photo shoot, I will go through the photos, filter out the imperfect photos, edit the rest, and share rights to all of them, whether we got 10 photos for a senior photo shoot or 800 photos for a wedding. Every event is different, in terms of time, models, etc. 
I always choose quality over quantity. I may photograph 1500 pictures, but I always filter the best, edit them, and share them. I always try to choose the most significant and important moments for events. 
I will not share unedited photos. 
How long does it take to get my photos?

      Typically, photos are delivered within a week for everything except large events. Some smaller shoots may be delivered within 72 hours. For larger events like weddings, photos will be delivered within 21 days.
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